Every organization can benefit from what the Stoic philosophers described as a "bird's eye view" meaning we can be too close to the problem to see the best solution. We provide in-depth facilitation that goes beyond your typical Lunch & Learn and into the core of what the areas in which your team feels stuck. 

While we happily offer bespoke workshops for your team, we've found three topics particularly useful:


Example: Monica taught a Myth-Busting Creativity session for a popular liquor brand that was looking to reposition their messaging.  She led a workshop with a representative from each department on the topic of creativity. By the end of the workshop, the team had a new direction for their marketing campaign. The department who first came up with the concept based on the exercises Monica led? The accounting department. Everyone is creative. Sometimes all it takes a unique perspective to bring out the best ideas in all of us. 


Example: Monica was contracted to lead a team to create content for  "mindful meetings" for a hotel chain that wanted to encourage business travelers with a unique experience in their conference rooms. Monica researched and presented mindfulness practices that could be applied to a variety of meetings, from brainstorming sessions to in-depth strategy sessions. Cheshire Parlour believes that mindfulness not a buzz-word but rather a set of applicable tools we can each access within in order to create our best work and environment. 


Example: Let's start by giving away our biggest productivity hack: the most sure-fire way towards productivity is prioritization. Monica has led dozens of workshops this topic including  a session for a non-profit organization whose staff was feeling overwhelmed by the tasks that needed to get done. By the end of the session each person walked away with a clearer understanding of roles, duties, deadlines, and systems.  

“Monica’s “Mythbusing Creativity” workshop was the wake up call our team needed. Within two hours Monica inspired our entire team to completely change our marketing and branding strategy. For the first time in the history of the company, everyone in the room was on the same page and excited to take risks and challenge the status quo.”
- Brand Manager, The Edrington Group
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