Monica's previous career as a Broadway, television, and film actress means she feels right at home in front of an audience. But it is her vulnerability and sincere curiosity that makes her light up and bring the audience along for the journey. Monica has spoken across the country on topics related to meaning, purpose, identity, and expression in an age when when it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the messages and the mediums we interact with on a daily basis.


KeYnotes & cameras

From the stage to the screen, Monica is at home in front of an audience or camera. Her background as a Broadway and television actress, combined with her experience producing events and directing videos means Monica gets what it takes to put on a show the audience will remember, while being as prepared and professional as possible. 



From workshops, to keynotes, Monica blends her unique background as an actress, director, entrepreneur, traveller, community organizer, and philosopher into her stories. Her goal with every talk is to connect, educate, and inspire, while leaving the audience asking more questions than they started with. 


Monica has been an on-camera host for numerous projects as well as on-camera talent. With more events, talks, and conferences taking place online, having the skills needed to be comfortable and confident on camera or more important than ever. Monica is afraid of many things, but being on camera is not one of them.