Cultivating Wisdom


At Home On Stage

From workshops, to panels, to keynotes, Monica blends her unique background as an actress, director, entrepreneur, traveler, community organizer, and philosopher into her stories. Her goal with every talk is to connect, educate, and inspire, while leaving the audience asking more questions than they started with. 

And On Camera

Monica has been an on-camera host for numerous projects including as the host of "Master Anything" and "In & Where NYC." She has also worked as an on-camera spokesperson for several high-end clients. With more events, talks, and conferences taking place online, having the skills needed to be comfortable and confident on camera or more important than ever. Monica is afraid of many things, but being on camera is not one of them.

“Monica McCarthy is smart as hell and funny to boot. If you see an event with her name attached, just go. You can thank us later. ”
— Casey Erin Clark of Vital Voice Training